About Us

In any job market it’s about allowing employees and employers to meet under like minded circumstances. Unemployment is the top agenda point for most countries when it comes to economics.

My opinion is that there is more work than there are people to do the work! How is that possible you might ask…? Well it’s easy, if you look at the highest selling consumer goods worldwide, it’s evident that it’s made up of 2 categories, FASHION and CONVENIENCE. IF people can get someone to do something for them, they will gladly pay them. Even the most mundane jobs, people would rather pay to have it done by someone that is able to do it, than do it themselves.

Most of our unemployment is in the 21 – 30 year old bracket and then again from the 45 – 60 year old group. What this means is that young people struggle to find employment because they are inexperienced and older people get pushed out because they are not deemed “relevant with the times”.

Where do you go if you need the following types of skills?

•    Store Merchandiser
•    Product Representative or Account Developer
•    Cashier
•    Merchandiser
•    Driver
•    Or contract labour for a period when your employees go on (extended) leave

Are you looking for a job?
Are you looking for employment, but do not have the required education?
Do you have credible references that will attest to your good work ethic and self-esteem?
Are you skilled in a certain area, and you can’t seem to find the suitable employment?
Are you looking for an excellent employee?

Go on any recruitment portal and you will find that it’s designed to only cater for a certain type of candidate or job advertised. Unlike your traditional recruitment or job advertising websites, 9to5 is a job empowerment vehicle.

This portal allows reputable job hunters and companies looking for that perfect candidate fit to meet. In the current job market we understand that things are not easy, but that does not mean that there are no opportunities out there.

9to5 is a recruitment portal that puts skilled individuals with good experience in touch with employers that are looking for reliable and good employees.

Regardless of their great career track record and amazing references, education is normally the highest barrier to entry for these type of job hunters.